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Enviro Pro is the industry standard report designed to support environmental consultants undertaking contaminated land assessments including Preliminary Site Investigations (PSI) / ‘Phase 1’ Environmental Assessments.

We bring together over 600 separate datasets to provide comprehensive reports about a site and its potential contamination sources and receptors.

Each report includes information from our unique historical land use database (HLUD).

•    Over 250,000 Historical Aerial Photos
•    Over 50,000 Historical Maps
•    Over 3 Million Historical Business Activities

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Planning & Ecological Constraints report is designed to support planning and environmental consultants.

Each report brings together NSW planning data and also incorporates key ecological datasets that may indicate the presence of threatened species.

  • Over 3,000 Species Sightings

  • Over 500 Nationally Significant Species

  • 60+ Environmental Planning Instruments

Use this report for your next SEE, EIS or REF to help you better understand the wide range of planning policies that may apply to your site along with any potential, significant impact upon threatened species.

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Valuers & conveyancerS

Bushfire Risk Search is designed to support valuers and conveyancers who are undertaking due diligence for their clients and helps assess the risk of being affected by bushfire.

The search brings together datasets from different sources to provide a comprehensive understanding of whether a particular site and the surrounding area is prone to bushfires or has a history of bushfires. The report summarises publicly available information which is presented on maps for ease of interpretation.

Contaminated Land Search* offers a fast and efficient way for obtaining information extracted from the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) or other Governmental public registers or datasets.


Reports offer a set of data to help clients understand potential contamination hazards on or near their site. Feel free to contact us for further information. *The product name in QLD is Environmental Risk Search.













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Using the latest geographical information systems (GIS) and database packages to turn data into meaningful information. Having experienced the significant growth in environmental risk reporting services in the UK we have now brought a similar offering to the Australasian market.  

Peter Rodgers

Director & Co-Founder

Pete is an analytical geographical information systems (GIS) expert, with over fifteen years of experience. 


Pete is the technical guru who keeps the database optimised and running smoothly and efficiently. 

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Howard Waldron

Director & Co-Founder

Howard has significant experience in the management of systems and data having worked in a variety of different roles over the past fifteen years.

Howard is primarily responsible for the business development, sales and marketing at Lotsearch. 

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"Lotsearch has bridged a gap in the market, submitting requests and making payment is easy, receipt of information is quick and negates the need to chase individual information providers. I think using Lotsearch is much more cost effective, accurate and convenient than the DIY approach!" - Lisa Powell

Australia has an estimated 160,000 contaminated sites*

*EPA South Australia, Site Contamination Fact Sheet (8th Dec, 2016)


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